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Thread: Account Ignore

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    Default Account Ignore

    I swear there was a thread on this the other day, but for the life of me I cannot find it... *shrug*

    Anyway, pretty basic concept that most people are familiar with.

    Click "Ignore" or "Report Spam", and the account is ignored. Not the character, as people can either make new ones or delete/remake to bypass... but ignoring the entire account.

    It slices, it dices, it removes your social headaches!
    - Stop Platinum Spammers cold. No mail, no tells, ever again from that human being.
    - Effectively deal with trolls. The character isn't annoying, the person is. Treat it that way.
    - It just makes sense. Doesn't it?
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    I also made other enhancements to certain aspects of the game for various reasons.

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    Here it is. Maybe a mod can combine the two? I like your idea of extending this to email and such.

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