That would have to be a log-in screen that's in-game. I've never been a fan of the "Log in on the launcher" thing. Ever since my Ultima Online days, I just can't stand it. It's even more frustrating in Rift because I have to leave my computer sometimes to help my brother or my mom with stuff and when I come back after the 15 minutes or so it takes to disconnect you, it forces me out of the game because of course I have to re-log back in. It's annoying to have to restart the game AGAIN, and for somebody who doesn't have a high end computer and it takes a few minutes for the game to start up and get ingame, it can get frustrating.

Also, I think Trion could make a really awesome looking log-in screen. Something like a Death Rift in the background with Regulos standing there lookin' all awesome sauce, or something. Nothing is more boring then logging on, starting the game and having just the Rift logo stretched out across the screen. I want to get pumped when hopping on Rift. After I've had a tough time at work or school and I just want to sit down and enjoy some Rift. I want to see a log in screen that screams to me "Welcome to Rift! MUAHAHAHAHA!" and then gives me a high five or something.

Just a random thought. Just having a launcher and then going straight to the character screen I think is a little boring. Eventually, I would absolutely LOVE to see a log-in screen. Not just for my going AFK for too long problem, but just because I like them. Yeah, I'm weird like that. Anybody else agree?