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Thread: Set of Ideas for a future premium version

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    Default Set of Ideas for a future premium version

    Proposing Rift Premium: Emphasizing unique interactions

    This is a very long post, apologies in advance. The root of this idea is located in another thread, in which I was proposing a different type of direction; a unique twist to the usual MMO. The usual MMO such as WoW, Warhammer, and others emphasize a generic progression system that is static with little variation. Quests may be interesting in varying degrees, but it will always be the same quest, from the same quest givig npc in the same location. There are few if any unique interactions. A progression guide can be written today, detailing all the “best” methods and items to obtain to get from 1 to 50 and it will probably still be fully valid 30, 60, or even more than 90 days into the future.

    I would like to play a premium product, described in more detail below. Secretly I would love to develop such a product, but unless I win the lottery its not likely to happen :-).

    I. General Idea

    Starting with RIFT, create a premium product that from the get-go is designed around significant player-staff interaction creating a tailored unique gaming experience.
    As a premium service, charge appropriately and outline the key elements that make this totally different from standard RIFT:

    1. Gaming experience and progression can vary dramatically if the user chooses to participate in player-staff interactions.

    2. Users may opt in or out of the new interaction system at any moment, in the middle of an interaction or completely by setting a flag.

    3. Users will be selected only at random for special interactions.

    4. Users may get special **UNIQUE** items not to be duplicated ever by participating in certain events. These may be utility, fluff, utility+fluff, or any variation thereof subject to design guidelines.

    5. Users may get certain rewards and bonuses based not only on completion of the event or interaction, but rewarding the style in which it was done (i.e., good role playing.)

    6. GMs will monitor this premium shard intensely, making sure that first the EULA is being complied with, and looking to create unique events in key areas.

    II. On creating unique player-staff interactions

    1. Publicly available guidelines will govern how these events can work. Every character will have a record attached indicating history of staff interactions, and a flag that the user can control indicating whether he or she wishes to participate in this system.

    2. If the player has enabled the flag allowing these interactions, the user will be placed in hidden event queue for individual interaction. User will be randomly selected, with lockouts to avoid overexposure (perhaps 48hours or whatever time is deemed suitable.)

    3. The system will assign the user to an online GM who will provide a specific event for the user. Examples could include a unique quest, a puzzle to be solved, or some kind of interesting task to be performed for the good of Telara.

    4. Rewards can be awarded within certain guidelines. In general, the reward should be commensurate with an equivalent amount of time of grinding, not necessarily better, but more interesting. Special awards for difficult tasks, even up to a **UNIQUE** reward could be awarded, probably best if this part is random to avoid issues of favoritism.

    III. Example of an Event (INDIVIDUAL)

    1. User completed induction at Terminus, is newly arrived at the Ark of the Ascended. Randomly chosen, the user suddenly sees a Messenger of the Gods appear before him, with a dialogue box asking: Do you want to participate in a special staff driven event?
    User clicks on yes, and we're back in-character. The Messenger is actuallly a GM, and he tasks the user with foraging 10 coastal glories and 10 grieveblossoms. Unknown to the user when accepting this quest, each time he harvests one of these, some malicious entity may appear with cool effects and surprises. The GM scales the event to the user, and the idea is to challenge the user but not frustrate overly much. :-) The user eventually completes the task, the Messenger collects the flowers and rewards the player.


    The GM has literally created the event, and no other user will get the same exact experience. Something that sounds simple could turn into a very interesting epic battle of wits: the player, struggling to complete the objective, and the GM struggling to make it more interesting than the usual NPC-quest grind without driving the user nuts.

    a. This creates a very interesting possibility that each character can progress in a unique fashion, other than simply grind, quest, instance.
    b. Normal NPC quests, grind, and instances will always be available and expected. This is another way of breaking the tedium.

    IV. Examples of Rewards

    1. Fluff: A reward geared to promote role playing, not affecting the mechanics of progression in a significant way other than by promoting social interaction.
    2. Utility: If the task assigned is difficult and worthy, something special may be awarded, an item tailored to that specific user on the fly of varying quality.
    3. Fluff+Utility: It impacts the mechanics, but does so with really cool fluffy effects. Higher level award generally.
    4. **UNIQUE** : User is high level, and is awarded a truly cool item upon completing a sequence of interactions (epic story questline that actually works), not done over a single session but over time.
    5. If the user has a particular crafting profession he or she is desperately trying to level, a reward along these lines (recipe, ingredients, etc). For instance, please help me get the pure and pristine distillates.... :-)
    6. Use your imagination here.

    V. Example of a unique Zone Event

    1. At the moment, zone events are basically the same, repeated over and over. Instead, lets have some that are staff controlled... staff with a flair for good writing, and making it unique by referencing the situation actually happening. Rewards can be tailored based on what staff observe is happening in the event.
    2. In higher levels, modify the invasions so that the invaders actually try and take over. For instance, have invaders build structures such as forts that must be assaulted and reclaimed. Make this a special event with suitable rewards measuring contribution both in mechanics and roleplay (such as showing exceptional leadership in battle). This could spin up to be a multi-day event...


    At the moment, no major MMO producer that I know of offers a game with significant unique staff driven interaction. I am suggesting that this exist at both an individual and zone-wide basis. I for one would gladly pay a premium to play in a truly unique experience. This is not an easy request, there are several problems. First, picking the right staff for the job. I would suggest people with a passion for creative fantasy writing combined with outstanding customer service skills. Give them the in-game tools to create magic. :-)

    I feel that RIFT is uniquely able to provide this kind of boutique gaming environment, particularly because it is a brand new game that breaks new ground in several key areas.. why not add one more?

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    I would pay double a normal sub for Rift Premium. For my extra $15 I'd like the excess over the usual profit margin (ie. on a normal $15 sub) to be spent on extra GM presence.

    For double the profit, Trion could provide me with a much improved GM response and the occasional GM-interactive event. (I would expect to see evidence of this in the quick eviction of goldspammers and trolls).

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    This kind of iteraction requires hourly rates, not monthlies...
    would you pay 20 bucks /hour?
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    Default Re: Costs for interaction


    Not neessarily. I am not proposing a model of constant individual interaction, but occasional and unexpected intervetions. Some modeling would have to be done to determine the minimal acceptable rate of interactions given a target shard population for this premium server, then work out what the monthly should be. Off the top of my head, after discounting lockouts due to recent interactions, a 2-5% probability per extended gaming session might work nicely. Determine target pop, then figure out how many extra GMs it will take to provide that.. not to mention instantly getting rid of spammers, etc. ;-)


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