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Thread: Minor tweaks to various aspects of the community and forums.

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    Default Minor tweaks to various aspects of the community and forums.

    If some of these suggestions have been stated 1000 times before in all the posts below, then good... maybe that just means they are sound suggestions. I have no intention of reading 4000+ posts to find out what has already been said.

    1. Trion should take pride in its name... When posting on the forums the word "Trion" should not be a word that is mis-spelled (red squiggly line underneath.)

    2. Implementing additional search options to the auction house would save many of us time for example when searching for item consumables (runes.) It would be nice to be able to refine the list by saying to the auction house via check boxes or drop down list "Show me all runes that fit in shoulder slot armor that has wisdom in it." or "Show me all runes that fit in the hand slot excluding spell power."

    3. When I'm at the mail box the thought of having an inbox exclusively for mail that comes from the auction house (expired auctions, mail with money from items sold, mail with items in them from won auctions) with a "Take All" button... I auction just about everything I think might have value to someone else... If I start 50+ actions, one way or the other I'm going to get 50 mails back from the AH, either the item is sold or returned... That's a lot of clicking. A "Take All" button would turn 100+ clicks into 1 click.

    Thank you for reading,

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