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Thread: better looking gear and player models

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    Default better looking gear and player models

    yes ive made this before, but something has occurred to me.

    not only do we need better looking gear, but the baseline for gear appearance needs to shift.

    ive looked at the endgame gear sets for all classes, and imo those gear sets should be the base for noob gear appearance.

    and the gear we have now to lvl in..should just be gone.

    seriously...this cant be repeated enough...the gear in this game is just ugly.

    not trying to be offensive just honest.

    i know the devs are eager to prove what theyve got to offer for this game. their server configurations and world events are all nice...but the gear and models need help..

    models are on the same lvl..they all look alike...theres no fat players no muscular players...theyre all the same.

    part of the main reason most play mmos is because they like getting the cool looking gear and standing out from the rest and looking at their own chars going "wow i look awesome!" we just dont have that in this game. its one of the very few things this game is actually wrong with it.

    which when compared to other mmos it says a lot; that the main problems with the game are cosmetic instead of bugs and class imbalances.

    (well there are a few huge problems with various tank specs surviving way too much dmg while dealing way too much dmg in pvp but thats for another topic )
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    The comments at the end of the post aside, ill agree with you 100% the armor in this game looks awful compared to the others i've played and any improvement would be welcomed

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    It is very sad when most gear pre-20 looks better than the gear after 20. At 50, the dungeon dropped gear (blues and lower) is just plain ugly. I remember going to the late 20s into my 40s complaining about how ugly all the chain was. Most of my guild clerics felt the same.

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