* No one... NO ONE likes the Exposed debuff in any way, shape, or form, unless they also like things like sitting nude on broken glass, having hot wax poured on they genitalia, etc.

* Do you really need at least 1 mob camping on top of every single quest collection piece? Do you honestly have to have every square foot of most areas to contain no less than two or three monsters?

* Why am I still being aggroed, attacked, and dismounted by monsters 40 levels below me?

* Every "Hotfix" you push out also includes one or two "Hotbreaks", which you push out another "Hotfix" to band-aid later. What exactly are you using the alpha server for?

* I spent 20+ hours doing phase 1 and 2 of the River of Souls event, many people spent a LOT for time doing it ... and when the pall of failure cleared, everyone was given a goodie bag. For all the time I spent on my main character, who was 47 to 50 at the time, I got ... a crappy bag. I then see shouts from people who never closed a rift get a Spectral Mount on their Lvl 20 character.

It's the incredibly short-sighted IDIOCY like this that really is just mind boggling, especially when Trion could have made this risk/reward system a lot better and more focused on who participated in the events, and who did not. You could have itemized the rewards so much better than slapping a RNG coded by someones 12 year old cousin together and then patting yourselves on the back for a job well done.

You people are so out of touch with your community it's actually embarrassing. It's like you copied major parts of several games, cobbled it all together, left in all the small irritating things that would have made the game truly great, and called it a day.

It's 2011. MMOs have been out since 1998 and even before if you count Meridian and Runecraft ... if you are going to blatantly rip off other games in the market, at least preform a little more due diligence and research the things they fixed of removed to make their game more enjoyable for their community.

One of the most glaring and obvious indications that you guys need to seriously hire a community liaison or SOMEONE who actually has an idea on how to put together an MMO, is the occlusion of a Guild Bank. HOW the HELL was this not rolled out at some point in Beta? Did you think that people would be too busy running the same five instances over and over, or doing the same Rift events every day, that a Guild Bank was unnecessary? Have any of you every PLAYED an MMO before? Done crafting?

I played WoW from release, I understand that a MMO has growing pains, but you have had years of MMO pedigree to cull and copy (which, lets face it, you did), but there is really just no excuse for doing things half-assed.

So my suggestions is GET A CLUE. GET someone in there who plays your game. LISTEN to them when they say "Guys, this is just f**cking irritating, we need to look at it." or "So this guy completed this event and got the Achievements before it ended ... are we REALLY going to screw him with a bag in the email?"