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Thread: Trion - I got a suggestion - Look at the real problem and leave Dominator souls alone

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    Default Trion - I got a suggestion - Look at the real problem and leave Dominator souls alone

    How about you for once leave Dominators alone , they do rubbish dps as it is so why nerf them yet again, YET again because one of their talents is being used to bolster up the Brightwizards DPS in pvp ..

    Instead of putting on your blindfolds and blindly swinging the nerf bat hows about you give it some serious thought ... Move that Domi talent higher into the tree !!! , Leave Transmog alone also , Domi are supposed to be Controllers !!! when you jerk around with methods of control then they become nothing except an unused and unwanted calling , as if they werent allready. People complain Insta squirrel etc etc , boo hoo,,Dominator is a Controlling Class, you got squirreled, you got controlled, you sure as hell arent gna get dps'd from a dominator, how about the ridiculous stun lenghts, the chain stuns , mana drains from other classes? -- You gna nerf , sorry, balance them too ? Thought not ..

    So thats my suggestion for your suggestion box.

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    Just because another class is getting big numbers with a dom skill doesnt mean it requires nerf'ing it just needs to be moved further up the tree to prevent the double dip as it were.

    I dont know how people could even begin to complain about insta squirrel seeing as most classes have some sort of instant fear, silences etc theres so much in the way of CC in this game availible to pretty much every class. The only reason your not utilizing these ablities is because you refuse to do so for your own reasons.

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