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Thread: Next time you do a world event climax...

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    Default Next time you do a world event climax...

    ...run as now: big things happening, very exciting. Track who completed / took part.

    For people who didn't complete / take part, have a one-use instance pop up. You can only enter it if you've not completed it or the world event's climactic battle, AND if your character was around during the lead-up to the event. Run it for a month, and have it fire up at a regular time (say, every 4 hours) to get a balance between sufficient numbers and general accessibility.

    Might also need to tweak it a little to adjust for smaller turn-outs, but guilds etc would still have good incentive to whip up a decent group to have a try.

    If you enter the instance and fail a few times (eg it's the end of the month and you're playing at 5am, so there are never quite enough people to win) and you have enough contribution logged compared with others in the same instance (ie you tried, and didn't just sit there doing nothing), then you get the option to take the win anyway.

    ...though I think maybe have an extra reward for people who did the "real" thing, and a slightly lower reward for people who couldn't pull off a win in the instances. It'd encourage people to try to do the actual world event, and failing that, to try real hard to get a win in the instance. Dunno.

    The instance can just be a small slice of the world, with (otherwise dopey) forcefields etc to stop people straying too far. I think people will recognise that the instance is really just a second go at something you missed, and be ok with such shennanigans. If you want to do a whole time-travel story thing (maybe even have people who want to do the instance do a quick quest to lead in) that'd work, IMO. Then the free-win for losing multiple instances kinda works too: your efforts did enough damage / caused enough distraction to push the main timeline into victory. /shrug

    Then everyone has a chance to be part of the story, hurray for awesome-sauce.

    ...and also, I really like your game.
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