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Thread: Add a properly moderated forum if you want customer feedback.

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    Default Add a properly moderated forum if you want customer feedback.

    This is a tangent from a World Event post, but I feel it deserves a place in this forum so it gets seen.

    In Scott's most recent message to the playerbase, he asked us to keep feedback coming through these forums so you guys could get an idea of what works and what doesn't. However, it's very uphill to provide adequate feedback when anything that isn't lavishing praise is met with a ready-made army of trolls calling you a whiner and telling you to go back to WoW.

    I understand that you cannot control every poster on these boards. I really do. But it is your responsibility, as a developer, to foster an environment where feedback is possible, and not one where an already frustrated customer comes to express his dissatisfaction only to be derided by rabid fanboys. I can tell you that at least two people I know have quit this game and gone out of their way not to make their complaints known to you or fellow players in these forums because they'd rather not get bullied by Internet tough guys. That's two subs you're not getting back, who want nothing to do with your company because they feel that your lack of action towards abusive behavior implies tacit agreement. And they're not being unreasonable by thinking that.

    In the universe of forum trolls, it may be realistic (and even logical) to expect every customer to have a thick enough skin to withstand verbal abuse and derision to get a point across... but this expectation doesn't translate into a business model.

    If you (the developers) are going to actively participate in the forum community and want your customers to interact with you in turn, you need to provide us with adequate means to get feedback to you publicly so other customers can pitch in without having to wade through 20 posts typed by subhumans trolling the OP. I can tell you that another developer handles this by having a heavily moderated Customer Service forum where trolls get extended vacations for rearing their ugly heads, and while the remainder of their forums are about as rancid as these forums, that specific subforum is mostly clean, and populated by helpful players and customer service representatives that answer questions and document complaints.

    So, in short: Please give us an adequately moderated subforum to provide feedback.

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    How bout if they made a Feedback thread on certain topics once a week that was heavily moderated? They can even make a feedback thread on what thread to make feedback threads on, so player concerns can be considered when picking their topics.

    They can sticky the thread and leave it open for a week, maybe Monday-Sunday, then on Monday a new thread would be stickied and that thread would be released. While the thread is stickied it would be heavily moderated so people can get their comments in without the BS.

    I do agree the wannabe comedians, internet bullies, and general ******s can be annoying and do hinder the positive flow of feedback.

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