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Thread: Quick suggestions

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    Default Quick suggestions

    I know some people may not like it but I would like to be able to do more with character management/account management.

    Mostly being able to do character transfers... no offense but when i started to now the server I am on has changed and become over populated. Even in the past few months ive found out I have RL friends who play on other servers and if they stick with it may want to come to my server or me to them. Would also like to have a character lookup site that is actually sponsored by Rift developers and not have a "Beta" sticker posted on it so it can sell add rights to spam/account hack sites.

    Oh and feel free to take as much from WoW as you like... i mean the good stuff... not flying mounts they ruined the game... traveling should be hard. WoW did not have very many original ideas they just took the ideas they thought were good from eq and the other MMOs and reworked them which is one of the main reasons they have done so well... beyond just the fan backing of the original warcraft game which you cant really replicate. That way people would feel confident that the information is actually correct and not corrupted.

    Devs should also look to cash in on site ideas. Aka stat sheets, rankings, server firsts and so on. Id imagine most of your money is going on to advertisements and you can definitely feel free to pull from that budget because if the game isnt spreading by word of mouth then probably 90% of potential players wont care. Hell look how much money ACT is probably making off website hits because there is no in game parser ha.

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    Dead horse... been kicked and kicked... Give it time.

    Nerf PAPER,
    SCISSORS are fine.


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