Are you level 50? Have you got a few hours to kill and your favorite dungeons are on a timer, or your guild isn't available? Rather claw your eyes out than do a pickup raid?

Can we have themeparks? These are side quest style items, that usually result in a single really nice reward. This would allow people who don't like to raid to still have some over 50 solo/duo/undergearedgroup content.
I generally hate when people refer to other games as a feature, but I'll do it.

SWG had various level themeparks- the bunker on Tatooine, faction specific meet-the-movie-characters and get a cool crafting schematic plus pvp item area.

We don't have to have them at the lower levels, as we level too quickly anyway. But this would make content for non-raiders, or raiders who have more time on their hands.

MeetNGreet Alspeth and her generals. Gain faction with the baddies.

Take tea with the Mad Hatter- meet generals from the past. Hang out with the baddies before they went bad. Run a park to help design better weapons. Messenger parks- lots of quest story to read for immersion.

Crafting themepark- gather various raw mats, that crafters then turn into stockpile items (like siege engines)- the follow on park could be seeing all of it in action.

Have the crafters gather mats and craft buildings, that when complete get added into a brand new town in the real world. The graphics already exist, just add a world group interface for it.