Overall this is a very minor bit of feedback in terms of enhancements, bug fixes, glitch corrections, and new tool implementations or features (i.e. Guild Bank) but still one that I think is somewhat important for those who like to be immersed in the fantasy world (even if they don't play on an RP server).

It seems like the "event" type vendors are kind of titled out of character or with the patch notes title and not what they would be in-game. What I mean by that is specifically with the recent River of Souls event. Its known in the patch notes and game chatter as the World Event, then you have merchants in-game titled World Event Merchant. The part that strikes me as odd is the other vendors are named after what they sale or represent faction wise, i.e. Planar Goods Vendor, Rare Planar Goods Vendor, Focus Vendor and that makes sense. In this case I would have expected to see Otherworldly Sourcestone Vendor or just Otherworldly Vendor.

Again, I know I'm nitpicking here, but if future world events will occur and this vendor will continue to get content added to them that require different currency then I still think Otherwordly Vendor is a better moniker than World Event Vendor. If it won't be the same vendor and you'll make unique ones for each then specific names to those vendors is fine, i.e. Otherworldly Sourcestone Vendor or Alsbeth Defense Goods/Rewards, etc. (forgive me if I misspelled a specific name, I'm just going by memory on the event stuff.)

Just wanted to put that out there so we don't lose some of the awesome immersion that we have with this game. Keep up the good work and thank you!