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    - server merges - kepmere is so dead you can't find groups even during primetime in 30's, 40's, or at 50. Even general and 50 chat are dead of social chat - even the attention starved epeenomaniacs aren't yapping incessantly anymore.

    - glowy/effects for weapon runes. Really? The only way you get them is thru certain CEs or the event items that do nothing else? Dozens of tokens or using plaques on less common weapon runes STILL doesn't get even a faint glow or other effect? This graphical masterpiece of a MMO doesn't have stuff ancient MMOs have? WTF!

    - WTB AH interface that doesn't suck. WTB Mailbox single click attachment retrieval for scores of expired auctions. WTB option to disable crafting interface scrolling/auto selection. WTB crafting interface that "remembers" collapse/expand state and some kind of organization for runes.

    - WTB randomized instances that take 30-45 minutes to complete with sliding difficulty so anyone can do them without a perfect group that features 1.5 healers and mostly ranged dps.

    - WTB fewer daily updates/hotfixes....sheesh...really.

    - WTB increase in items for ground-based collection quests. I duo with a friend - we dread collection quests since usually if there's a "collect 10 items off the ground" quest, there are 9 items in the area. :/
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