When browsing riftgame.com a full page popup randomly appears exhorting the user to purchase the game. Why? If someone is already at your website, they're clearly already interested. In fact, there's a good chance they already have the game and are trying to get to the server status page or the forums. Even if they're simply interested in the game, do you think it's better to stop them from finding out more about it? Maybe they want to look at the pages about races, or lore, or all the actual content hosted on the page, yet they are periodically stopped from viewing the content and forced to navigate around it. It's not like there are no prominent "BUY OUR STUFF" links all over the place, if they want to buy a copy there's really no worry about them figuring out how to do so. It seems counterproductive when a user has requested a page of information about the game to randomly decide to hit them with the hard sell. "What is Rift? Read More!" Oh ok, I think I will "HOHOHO NOT SO FAST, BUY GAME NOW!" it's like you're trying to get people to just close the tab and walk away.