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Thread: A change to the AH deposit

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    Default A change to the AH deposit

    The auction house currently uses a deposit when you put an auction up. The thing is, whenever I pay towards the deposit, I feel like it is just money of mine disappearing with no evident benefit. The auction house isn't a real entity using a deposit for any particular purpose, it is just a pay it with no evident reason to do so kind of ordeal.

    So onto my real suggestion, I picture a system where your deposit gets stored in some form of faction bank. The faction bank cannot be withdrawn from by players. Lets say we have another event like 1.1's event, I'll take Phase 2 for example. During events like those, the money in the faction bank would automatically be brought to zero, but in turn temporary items or something to help the players out during the event would be given based on the amount of money that was in the faction bank during the start of the event. The "item/buff/whatever it may be" that is given to the player would immediately revoked from the player at the end of the event. Thus giving purpose to the deposit system.

    The deposit system does, or probably does have a reason to exist. To be honest, I don't know what that reason is but until it directly shows some form of benefit, it is no better then just handing money to a stranger and hoping it is for a good cause. This is just my personal attempt to make something useful out of something that I feel I'm just loosing money to for no apparent reason.

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    The deposit system is a cash sink. All cash sinks' purpose is to slow down inflation. Without cash sinks, money keeps coming into the game, but none ever leaves. That means that everybody is eventually sitting on piles of money, and fixed prices (for vendor gear, for instance) become trivial, while player-to-player transactions get ludicrous (Anybody want some thin leather? Only 10k plat a piece!).

    The way you handle cash sinks is you make them small and everywhere. Porticulums are cash sinks. Mounts are cash sinks. Training abilities is a cash sink. Work orders are cash (and resource) sinks. Etc. BoE is an item sink, which is similar. Etc.

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