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Thread: Guild Board & Guild Hall

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    Default Guild Board & Guild Hall

    Where everyone is thinking about WoW so much, I see so much of EQ in this game! My two suggestions, and please forgive me if they were already mentions, are the following two:

    1) Guild Recruiting Board - post your recruiting on a board that can be access in the Major cities. Give us room for information about us, our website, contact info. Leave up on board for a week, then the Guild leader or an officer will need to refresh/redo to continue to keep it on the board. Or just make it a permanet entry. Must have search. Especially for those searching hard core vrs family type guilds. Time zones would be a help as well for a search criteria.

    2) Guild Hall - one thing I would add is not to put the tradeskills items in the guild halls. EQ did that, and it kill Plane of Knowledge overnight! But guild hall could be use for meetings, hanging out without the current zone channels bugging you, guild bank could be found here. Message board or calander for folks to sign in for raids or events happening could be a thought if it not alot of work. As in LoTRO - everytime a guild complete something, they got something to decorate their guild house, a trophy or banner. This could be something that might be interesting/neat to see in Rifts.

    just two of my thought....


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    The guild's Level could dictate how vast or decked-out it is, and some Guild Perks could target the Guild Hall itself.

    Properly implemented, I believe this has promise.
    Done quickly or just wrongly, it would make the Major Cities into ghost towns.

    fyi, I see this as a wonderful alternative to Player Housing, which would place a demand on the servers if only for the number of them that would exist, also because people will still be hanging out together within the Hall.
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    I also made other enhancements to certain aspects of the game for various reasons.

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    I really like the board idea.
    There was a similar one in EQ2 what you could search through, not a physical board by any means, but still a search method.

    Would be nice to have something other than the boards that dont seem to pop much unless there is drama to be had....
    ahhhh sweet sweet drama...nom nom nom!

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