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Thread: Create more diversity in PVE Crafting and Classes(Souls)

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    Default Create more diversity in PVE Crafting and Classes(Souls)

    Trion has done some serious good marketing and the other end of it has not been going along well with that.
    this insta hit try to box with Blizz was a fail to begin with...
    Blizz had the solid base of a game like Rift and slowly built loyalty with some common themes and of course no ridiculous right off the bat large scale full population event and catering to whining pvpers

    PVE and community is where you build your base
    killing others in fast rapid succession does not build community
    a large scale event where no one is talking much less able to move around does not build community
    and outright ignoring the lack of diveristy in crafting and PVE in general does not give people enough to do.

    Where is fishing where is the true ability to have diversity in classes (after you nerf the hell out of them because PVP whine about OP all the time)
    Where are quests that are not hub based junk?
    Where are rewards from artifact hunting that are not pokemon pets or stupid assanine forms?
    Where is the usefulness of crafting in general besides end game and just a few items when you get there?
    Where is the tweaking to Major invasions and rare sourcestones so more people can actually enjoy and see the rare planar goods before they outlevel them and are grinding expert plaques?
    Where is the CS and in game GM help that does not take a week to respond?

    Where where where is the diversity?

    It would seem to me that your number one priority was 2 fold to somehow instantly kick Blizzards *** and with marketing and a huge event not over the long haul and to totally dismantle the initial diversity of classes and homogenize them to the point of why even have souls to begin with...

    If you would just simply have had made 3 different souls for PVP and tweaked them independently we would all win but instead PVP for however long into the future will be where the attention is placed mainly.

    Bottom line there is no real need for community here which is a mainstay of a online game. Everything that even remotely poses a challenge excluding raids and experts Trion removes and makes it go faster.

    Seriously we need less junk everywhere rewards and more unique rewarding ones
    Artifact gathering needs some love because it is highly innovative and could really show promise over the long haul
    Balance your obsession with nerfing classes with adding skills and mechanics and design. (Between the epic fail event and nerfage you have lost many people already)
    Quests Quests Quests (Stop with this nonsensical formula style quest hub junk and make quests span zones more and make them so maybe more people need to actually read the text too)
    Add skills Add Professions Add abilities (We need true PVE crowd control not one stun or poly morph, we need invisibility and other tactical spells, we need other professions and skills that are useful such as fishing and swimming and we need more class abilities to replace the bitter taste of your need to nerf the hell out of classes based on PVP people whining and complaining.

    As far as I can see all of the innovative ideas (Rifts, Artifacts, A few quests, group based dynamics) have all been neglected to nerf classes or in the instance of the Hag quest to utterly remove the challenge.

    Think long term not short term omg!

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