PvP High End need something to win or loose.... if there are not nothing.. pvp will be relegated to warfronts only, and nobody wants these.

1- Raid Premade join warfronts (now we cant)

2- Something to conquer ( towns for quests, castles ...)

3- PvP Outdoor rewards, or pvp bosses outdoor.

4- Shared Dungeons at same time, one way for each faction and the first that arrive and kill the boss win.

5- Outdoor Maps that you have to conquer for make quests, kill boss, do dungeons inside, buy items, raise notoriety, better prices, etc.. (yes, like wow but oriented to pvp)

6- High End Outdoor PvP with little groups rewards more Prestige and Favor. Or separate pvp outdoor rewards and warfronts.

7- Pvp weapons with stats pvp-dmg

8- A fortress to conquer 1 time at day or at hour with something good.

In conclusion, something that forces us to fight for it between the 2 factions and create a rivalry that now there arent.