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Thread: Suggestion: Levelscaling (no need for level-locking or xpgain lock)

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    Default Suggestion: Levelscaling (no need for level-locking or xpgain lock)

    I see a few topics that ask for level locking or a solution for stopping high levels to steamroll low level rifts in the starter zones or other zones. As well as a few asking for an xpgain lock cause they outlevel the content of a zone to fast and not finding it a big enough chalange or fun to do quests that got to easy. So I already posted this raw idea a few times in past topics on these before the suggestion subforum was made available, so here goes my suggestion: level-scaling.

    Why this suggestion and not the other ones suggested already:
    - Level-locking is a nice short and easy solution, however as said some achievements needs you to do some of them and not every newbie knows about achievements and how to look them up and find out later that they still have to finish a few in the lower level zones and will start steamrolling the content there taking away the fun from the lower levels.
    - xpgain lock opens up to much ways in making twinks. Twinks in itself aren't a real problem when comming to pve, but will unbalance pvp. So here you got a few solutions like making xpgain lock ineffective when pvp-flagged or in a warfront and all. These are nice solutions as well, but still I think the level scaling brings a better alternative. It could be seen as a soft xpgain lock.

    How would this level scaling work? So lets get down to the concept and put the points I see that needs to be done to make this system work.
    - The effective level will be changed to max of the intended zone, for example 20 for freemarch and silverwood. The real level will be shown as well as this will be used in some of the mechanics I talk about later.
    - All stats should be scaled down to be comparable to the effective level including statgain from gear. This means they will lose their high hp/spellpower and won't be able to just steamroll the content anymore without danger to themself.
    - All points spend above the effective level in a soultree will not count for skill advance in that tree and only points spend in a tier below the required points will be affective. The number of soulpoints is still depending on the real level.
    This probably needs an example to be clear so here goes the example of a level 50 scalled down to level 20. He will have 66 points available to spend in his trees. However he will only be able to get all skills unlocked that require 20 points or less. This means that for instance the greater pets won't be accessible and only the basic version of pets is available.
    But the level 50 will still have an advantage over the lower level one to increase for instance all his tier 1, 2, 3 and 4 talents in the soultree where the lower level will run out of points if he tries to do that.
    - XP-gain will be calculated towards the real level of the player, this is to give incentive to players to go to their own level range zones.
    - Loot won't drop if you don't gain xp from the content, the exception here are the artifacts from invasion bosses. This will also give the higher level more incentive to move to zone in his levelrange.
    - PvP brackets do take the real level in consideration and not the effective level. This means a level 32 that is scaled down to level 20, will still join the PvP bracket level range of [30-39]
    - Everything else stays unchanged.

    This scaling system isn't an option but should be explained to the player when applied, like other tutorials.
    Also add the scaling system to the dungeons, with the exeption that it is optional there. This means that if you realy want you can still piggyback ride a level 50 for getting through IT. But also makes it possible to do those instances with friends and still keep them entertaining and challeging. The option should be set by the partyleader.

    The advantages of this system I see are:
    - higher levels can still help out their friends without destroying the fun for the real low levels and still have a slight advantage over the lower levels.
    - higher levels will still be able to gain their achievements if they missed them, or gain planar charges. But not without risk.
    - outleveled a zone so the later quests aren't any challange? This problem is gone as well, however the starterquests in a zone will still be affected.

    Of course like every concept, it got disadvantages to:
    - higher levels will complain cause they can't gain planar charges in easymode.
    - a level 20+ in freemarch can still steamroll a level 8 rift in freemarch or silverwood.

    Feel free to add your constructive feedback.

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    Trion, this idea is brilliant and could work very well. This idea would also relive alot of frustration from the low levels. Please consider this.

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    While I agree with much of this idea, the one change I would make is the removal of tree skills in the lower zone. It's a bit much to walk into a lower level zone as a high level and have half or more of your buttons all of a sudden not work. Simply scale the abilities down to be equivalent to a skill of the appropriate level. There are only a few levels at which skills would have to scale down to, so while yes it would be some work on the devs part, it wouldn't be too bad.

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    What about going to raid Sanctum or Meridian for PvP? If you scaled like this it would wack out the PvP. Or a guild having a PvP event in a lower zone or the like now wanting to worry about mobs or guards but open-world PvP?
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