Hey all,

Back again with another two cents to throw into the pot. First let me begin by confessing: after level 35 or so, I pretty much stopped rifting. Looking at the numbers, it seemed to make a lot more "rolll" playing sense to quest, grind, and even perhaps PvP as opposed to wandering around from rift to rift. A few reasons:

1) Many others share the same "roll" playing concerns I have, so it becomes practically a matter of culture to ignore the spawns as long as the quest hub remains intact.

2) Lack of items that can be redeemed for simple planarite.

3) Inability to convert currencies.

4) Impossibility of getting the top tier sourcestones, and thus the best gear.

5) Lack of connection between successful rifting and meaningful progression both in terms of mechanics and overall culture in the game.

And so I finally arrive at suggestions....

A) Reduce drop rates for items from mobs. Its really over the top how many greens are dropping, it reduces their value greatly. For the love of apothecary. reduce mana/health drops. ;-)

B) Increase drops of items for doing rifts instead. Make rifting a very meaningful source of player progression both in terms of mechanics and fluffy entertaining items.

C) If you must insist on a recipe based crafting system, let recipes drop in Rifts.

D) Implement player recognitiion for contribution in terms of rifts closed, invaders defeated, and defensive battles waged against invading forces. Build up the communal aspect -- saving our towns, etc. A few roleplaying events will naturally develop...

In short, rifting should be a completely viable source of main progression as opposed to instances on level short of experts...