Hello! Sometimes I feel there is something missing, the warfronts are great, but I still want more PvP experience then I thought of Warhammer Online:Age of Reckoning's Castle Siegeing, where the opposing sides ( whenever they want ) May attack castle who is currently owned by the opposite team (Guardian/Defiant). Then they would have to deploy siegeweapons to brake through etc, and so on. The Defending Team, (All Guardians/Defiants ) In that zone should get a msg, example "Fort Highrail is under attack" So that they could come and defend. Then if you succed taking a castle, the guild who did most use in the battle should get the keep and get diffrent bonuses from it till they lose it, also everyone should receive a rewardd for taking it. The reward system might be a little like after you complete a dungeon quest, but with less good rewards or something similair. If the defenders win they should also get some kind of reward,it might be hard to say when they win or if the battle is still going on, but let's say about 20-30 minutes a siegebattle last, so from the start of the attack a clock begins to tick, if the opposing team haven't captured the city when it reaches 0. Defenders win and the castle gets repaired ( Walls, Gates ) And the gates remain invulnerable and immune to more attacks for another hour or so, to prevent the same keep being attacked over and over. This is just a suggestion though, and much of this comes from Warhammer and other games aswell, but all games do copy ideas, or get inspiration and there is no shame in it, so why don't make Rift even better than it already is ;) PS: Rift is my favourite game, I just want to make some suggestions how to make it even better. I hope this gets you guys to think wheter it's a good idea or not, mabye you already have thought about it ;) Anyways, See ya in Telara