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Thread: Useful vendor gear

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    Default Useful vendor gear

    This occurred to me, as I'm sure for so many others:

    Please make the vendor gear useful!
    I'm not saying it needs to be great, or even have stats. Maybe it's all appearance gear?
    Perhaps the gear allows you to get more Reputation for the local faction while wearing it?
    Maybe pigs could fly, I guess.
    As it is the only people who catch my eye are Potion and Drink sellers, period.

    They just seem like wasted NPCs when all they sell are whites. Give them something (anything) useful to sell to the player.
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    I also made other enhancements to certain aspects of the game for various reasons.

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    I totally agree.

    Maybe they're useful for breaking down for mats? Dunno honestly what you'd get cause i havn't seen whites since my starting gear.

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