I rarely make my own topics and thought it was time for one.

I would like for Trion and forum readers to consider and discuss the following improvements to the game.

1. PVP

a) World Objectives.. wait wait wait.. I know this has been QQ'd about many times but here is an idea that I formed that would fit with the game more than having towers and keeps all over place.

i) Rift Suppressors
These buildings located in (say) Stillmoor (any other 40+ level area too) are capturable by the factions. Holding these gives the faction the ability for each player to increase or decrease the likelyhood of rifts forming, or invasions taking place (maybe even make things a target for invasions?). This would be possible to do in any world region either to try and generate an invasion for bosses they need to kill for achievements or to really annoy the other factions lowbies, or to keep the level 50's busy while doing their own Raid rifts etc.

Maybe the ability to prompt an invasion once a day with a lengthy quest chain and investment of money/goods/planarite limited ot a once per character activation. This could be to prompt the highly annoying death invasions in gloamwood or to prompt one that you needed for the achievement.

ii) Porticulums
Extra portculums that are conquerable by the factions (but not rifts) in all regions (except freemarch/Stonefield, Silverwood/Gloamwood) that if owned allow travel to more specific areas of the zone. (i.e. have you ever had to do the defiant run to Foul Cascade?)

b) Warfronts

i) No more flags.. bring in REAL pvp objectives and a different way to handle them. Make a gauntlet of obstacles that Team A have to defend and Team B have to overcome and then switch. Maybe even consider a primarily non combat pvp venture where team work decides the victor, or gives an advantage to an upcomin royal rumble in the middle.

ii) PVE/PVP mobs can be spawned by each side to catch the other offstep and allow them to triumph, Earn points by killing players and then release the WArpigs.. or whatever.. and now the opponents need to overcome both you AND the warpigs.

2. PVE
a) Rifts
Rifts should develop if left alone, and close quicker if taken to the final stage and left. i.e. if Rift A forms and sits there for 1 hour with no interactions then it becomes a Major.. if it sits there for another 1 hour with no interactions it closes. If Rift B forms, someone does stage 1, it then is only open for another 30 mins before closing.

Rifts should not repeat their type too often.. I did an earth invasion in droughtlands and pretty much every single one was the chest one.. -_-

b) Dungeons
Should have a level lockout where if you are over 10 levels higher than the mobs you are locked out and can only do it on expert at 50


Okay enough of that.. that turned a bit demanding :P but damn.. those teleporters would be soo nice.

Just a few ideas to throw at you guys, and would like to see how you thought too.. I know there is soo much more that could be done but these are a few of the better sounding ones to me.

ty for reading