Crafting professions get optional quests that allow us to make special ingredients, or at least I'm assuming that all of the different professions receive up to 3 quests for special ingredients. There was a time when you were able to get a quest starter, and since it wasn't soulbound, you could pass it to a friend or an alt that needed that quest starter. However, with recent updates, that's no longer the case. I've got several harvesters, and 4 of the 6 different 'craft' professions, my husband has the other 2. With the recent changes, we have no way to get the special quest starters for anyone except the harvesters, because the other crafters aren't high enough yet.

This wouldn't be a problem, except that I keep getting multiple drops of the exquisite cloth, which is for outfitters, and my harvester can't do anything with it. I have to either waste a bag spot and keep a cloth on me to keep the system from giving me a copy with almost every loot, or keep destroying the same item over and over again. It's rather annoying. It wouldn't be so bad if I could give it to a low level toon that is a high level outfitter and needs that quest, but I can't. I wouldn't even consider selling it, I'd be giving it away like mad, because it drops so frequently. However, I DON'T get the same frequency with the type of quest drops that I CAN use. Since I'm a harvester, I need the miner/forager/butcher drops, and those are MUCH more difficult to get.

Now, my suggestion is that the system check to see what profession I can use, and only offer me drops that go with that profession, unless they are tradeable. That means, I should only get the outfitter quest starter if I'm an outfitter, unless you change the system to allow me to trade that quest starter. Also, provide a more balanced drop rate for all of the various quest starters. I shouldn't be receiving a trillion drops of the exquisite cloth, and have abolutely no drops for the distillate after harvesting 1000 plants/logs. Make that cloth drop alot less, or make it a little easier to get the harvesting drops. I'm all for making things difficult and rewarding, but it's no fun when I have to keep destroying something I can't use, and can't get the quest item I CAN use.

Also, I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but some other suggestions I would make and have seen in the forums. I came from eq2, and I played a small amount of WoW, and I saw some things in those games that I think would be nice to see in here. It's regarding guild banks, shared banks, guild/player housing, and player combat pets.

Guild banks, obviously, would be a very nice feature and is something that appears to have been requested by everyone and their grandmother. It's doubtful that guild banks will take long to implement, and I'm waiting breathlessly for them, since I'm my guilds current bank, and I just don't find it easy to be one. In eq2, guild bank size was determined by the guild level, so a higher level guild received more bank slots than a brand new, level 1 guild. This rewarded higher level guilds and encouraged guilds to level so that they received more perks, not just guild banks.

Shared banks are also something that people have requested, I don't know if this is something that will happen or not. Again, eq2 provided a small number for people to use within the account, on the same shard. When it was first available, it was restricted to the same faction, and I believe that's a good thing. In this game, since we can't talk really cross faction, we shouldn't be able to share bank slots cross faction either. I figure that perhaps, since we have to pay for additional bank slots, perhaps make a couple of those cost a little more, separately, and make them available across the same faction/shard/account. This way, you still have the option of never getting or using them, but they are available if you want to pay a little extra for them.

Guild and player housing are also commonly referred to, and I figure it will likely be implemented in the future. I loved the later use made of guild housing, as it became used more and more by various guilds. Eq2 implemented items such as player bought crafting stations, which could be placed in guild or player housing, and used just like the crafting stations used in the cities/towns. Another very popular feature implemented was a raws or resource box. This box was placed somewhere in the guild house, and players could deposit all of their harvested raws (wood/food/ore, ect) into the box, and, depending upon guild permissions, use the raws to craft items while in the guild house. It depended upon the permissions on who was allowed to actually remove items from the raws box, but essentially everyone could use the raws to craft anything they needed. Now, the box couldn't hold ALL of the raws that were available in the game, but it could comfortably hold enough that you could put several tiers worth in, and allow everyone to level up easily.

On a side note, something else that was helpful for guilds, the crafting dailies and exceptional quests and accomplishments from players was also put toward guild levels. So, say a person killed a really hard rift boss, the guild would also receive a small amount of xp toward the guild level, not just solely from the guild quest. And people were able to do crafting quests, workorders, that weren't dailies, they were quests for the purpose of leveling up, and leveling up the guild as well. A portion of the player xp was put toward the guild level, allowing crafters to contribute, not just players doing the rift/boss/player kills for guild quests.

One last thing, I swear. Player combat pets... I love the fact that every archetype gets at least one combat pet, it's fun and exciting to have a pet, no matter what type of archetype you select. However, the pets are limited, and that can make you feel like a cookie cutter. In WoW, there was the hunter class. In eq1, there was the beastlord. Both of those classes had pets that changed, beastlord because the different races determined what pet you were able to use, and some pets were only through drops, you couldn't purchase the upgrades. So sometimes you ended up with a pet that only a few had. Wow, you went out and captured your pet. So this meant that you ended up with only those pets that you were able to capture, and perhaps you weren't able to, or didn't want, a certain type of pet. This gave you a pretty decent repertoire of pets, and kept you from being a cookie cutter, you felt like you were able to decide what pet was best for which situation, or which one you just liked the appearance of better.

Anyway, I hope these are ideas that people can agree with, but hey, this is entirely MY opinion, and I still really enjoy the game.

tl:dr, talked about guild bank, player combat pets, crafting starter quests, guild housing, and odds and ends. Read it, you might like the suggestions.