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Thread: A "toggle switch" for how one interacts with the other faction?

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    Default A "toggle switch" for how one interacts with the other faction?

    What would be interesting would be to have a three way toggle switch on how one's character views the other faction, and the people on the other side will be able to see this:

    Respected -- with this toggle, other people with this same setting can group/raid with each other, regardless of faction. There may be channels dedicated to both factions. One can send/receive /tells, perform trades.

    Tolerated -- one can see /yells, /says and other messages, but not trade, group, or other items.

    Despised -- no interaction with the other side except for gestures.

    The advantage of a system like this -- it allows different playstyles. The hardcore PvP-er can set their view of the other side to Despised and not worry about hearing crap in chat. The crazy raider or instance-goer can group with anyone of any faction and get their PvE fix, and a middle setting for people who like saying "hi", but rather stick to their own team.

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    PVE that way--->

    It would be a cold day if it even happens at all. can only see it in pve.

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