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Thread: World events based on server progression

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    Default World events based on server progression

    I was just thinking about the implementation of the new raid dungeon. I am not going to go into what already happened, but moreso for future content being added, using River of Souls as the example.

    I think some other games have already done this, i think Everquest 1 right now has opened new servers starting the game back before all the Xpacs. Where players need to accomplish certain waypoints to unlock the expansions for the server.

    but anyways make the servers unlock the new progression areas/raids via a server wide world quest. People want to feel like they are part of the world and affect what happens, this would add another aspect to this.

    For example....

    The river of souls raid instance would have been a world event that phase 1 to complete required closure of X amount of Death rifts. Then phase 2 starts.

    phase 2 ends when X amount of invasion bosses are defeated and X amount of Planarite has been collected.


    this way the event is actually controlled by the players and each server will progress to new content at it's own speed. Start easy like the above example, then get fancy with more complex objectives for future areas/raid zones.
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