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Thread: Underwater cities and quests

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    Default Underwater cities and quests

    Boy there sure is a lot of empty water out there, why not put it to some use?
    how about a completely neutral under water city with fresh new content for quests.
    a place where pvp is unflagged for both sides (in the city only maybe)? where all the quests are chained in progression for underwater adventures?
    certainly would make for some interesting scenarios, THEN maybe you could move your water rifts underwater? THAT would be cool. would be cooler to be at the top of the water level and see water swirling knowing that below your feet is a rift to be fought!
    not sure how implementable this is but we need to put those water breathing potions to good use. which leads me to another question. only 8 minutes water breathing? why? why not make it for 1 hour? then people wouldnt have/need a stack of 100 after doing the lake...
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