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    Default Encyclopedia of desires

    The list may seem like I do not enjoy Rift, but I am very happy with the majority of my time and pleased with the sincerity of the development team. As you requested here are some suggestions for things I would like to see in Rift:

    Little things:

    Auto type mail subject. (First item you mail is put in subject line automatically)

    More slots for mail delivery

    Guild Bank (I hear you are working on this)

    As others have said, auto waypoints for map cords would be nice

    Drop down menu for quest tracking so they can be easily hid during raids and or fights.

    Better search tools for the AH. It is really a chore to try and work with its current limitations.

    What about allowing people to duel more than a single player? I could challenge a group instead of an individual for instance. Or do a group against group. This could be some good fun to fill que times etc.

    I love it when you reward players for meandering. The little hidden rabbit hole with quest ledge in Lantern Hook was a great little thing to add to the game. More of this would be wonderful.

    I have heard a lot of individuals complain about trade spam in the 50s channel. How about making trade chat global, but add a small radial button on the chat box so you can tune into that channel easily whenever you desire to trade or see what’s available? It really can get annoying to see “just put my priceless wares on the AH cheaper than the last guy please go buy” 50 times a night.


    More relevant end game crafting. Crafting is decent, don’t get me wrong. However, there is not a lot of demand for materials due to a lack of crafting items. I have been trying for the rare ore drop and getting a significant amount of orichalcum that I end up vendoring simply because there is nothing to do with it. It does not sell on the AH and everyone seems to have a ton of it. There are some itemization gaps that could be nicely filled with some more patterns. This doesn’t top my list, but food for thought.

    Different levels of gear. The one thing I always liked about DAOC crafting (and a few other games) was the idea you could create different levels of gear depending on your skill and procs. For instance, a low level bow comes out as either normal, refined, or exceptional with stats to reflect those and decreasing odds the higher the level. So bow one has 1 dex for a lvl 12 bow, refined has 2 dex and the exceptional 3 dex. This will encourage more use from the over abundant supply of materials while adding a more entertaining and engaging aspect to a somewhat mundane crafting system. Crafting is useful and relevant, just not very engaging.

    Extra dimensions to Rift:

    Little mini-game content. This can be easily achieved with simple things like a back alley dice game or poker table in some tavern somewhere. Little engaging stuff like this can be immensely popular. I can recall plenty of occasions where I got caught up into some mini-game such as the zombie farming in WOW recently or as far back as one of the Might and Magic games, 6 or 7 I forget, which had an amazingly fun card game built into one of the quests. I put more time in that mini game than the rest of the game. People often want to come online and have social time with their friends but they get tired running circles in Meridian while chatting on Vent. Sometimes they do not have an hour to devote to a dungeon run and perhaps a bit bored with running around picking up sparkles. Give them something engaging with no time restrictions to fill that time.

    I know there is some resistance to player housing. There could be some compromise though with say guild housing. Some place to store trophies and other items of rare drop which would help build a sense of community and identity. Maybe the guild house could lease rooms to members for an extra storage area? One thing all gamers desire is some sort of affirmation for their online labors. These sorts of things are greatly appreciated and can be used to fill a lot of downtime for casual players getting items for the guild home etc. There is a lot of potential to infuse both crafting, artifacts, and dungeons with significant enjoyable material. Outfitters could get a banner recipe or stuff rare creatures, Armorsmiths could make crests or standing suits of armor… you get the idea. I think it would be a shame to pass up a great opportunity to increase the sense of identity and belonging by not taking a serious look into this game dynamic.

    Here is another thought along those same lines. What about an RVR style zone where guilds could build battle camps? The RVR zone would have limited locations or nodes to build small encampments. It is impractical to include enough nodes to accommodate every little family guild on every server, so some competition or guild level etc. would be required to obtain a node. The key is to not completely alienate casual guilds. The encampments would need a large amount of wood and or stone to build it up. They would have to hire NPCs with both plat and materials to build such things as motes, ramparts, reinforced gates etc. Maintenance for this would come in the hiring of NPC guards to protect the guilds resources. Someone could stop by and start beating on the walls if they so chose which would alert all the guild members that someone was damaging their resources. Only superfluous items could be attacked in this manner. If someone really generated considerable vehemence from another guild from either side, Guardian or Defiant, a guild challenge could be made for all out war. This mechanic would be similar to Shadowbane. There was a lot wrong with that game but this mechanic was amazing. Talk about developing a sense of community. If the guild lost its fight, then normally invulnerable buildings could be destroyed, pillaged etc. This would be highly engaging, sense of community would increase, very engaging content.

    Small idea concerning PVP:

    How to deal with Rogue envy/hate. Put in special abilities that make certain souls stealth hunters. Make it a specialty talent within certain souls. If someone is being harassed by rogues they can switch over to this tree. For instance, give warriors a non-combat stomp that has a 10 yard radius usable every 10 seconds and does 100 damage plus a 1 second stun. Rogues are used to playing smart and if they don’t they get used to dying. This is how it should be. The hardest thing for players to cope with is a lack of agency and a sense of hopelessness to even put up a good fight. If I get laid out and my opponent is above 80% health I am not going to be very happy. If they are below 20% health, then I am thinking about how I can do it better next time. Always give people agency and make them feel in control! Stealth is very tricky in this aspect which is why you need some stealth hunters.

    Fights need to feel like a chess game not a button smashing fest with everyone hoping around like kangaroos on crack.

    That's off the top of my head, but hopefully there is something of use in there for you.

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    Default new players

    One of the things that harmed DAOC pretty early was that low level zones were unpopulated and few players were returning to them. I think it is important to have a leveling system that allows players to return to early zones to help friends new to the game. Some sort of buddy system would be highly beneficial as there is not a lot of incentive to level multiple alts if you already enjoy your current class.

    I also had one player from my WOW guild that played until her 30s and then quit because she was finding it too difficult. This sort of system would encourage helping these players who are very casual and not always proficient at these games. They are an important economic segment though so this would be beneficial in terms of revenue.

    I think it was EQ2 that allowed you to be equal to a lower level but keep current gear. That was a pretty effective system. There are plenty of ideas already in use but anything would be nice.

    What about a reward from an event or crafting that made a 2 person saddle? This would go well with the buddy system.

    Something else to consider would be a more fluid method to look for guilds if someone tries the game out and doesn’t currently know anyone. This would be something that shows the guilds level, has some sort of statement about guild goals, i.e. we are very casual/pvp/ or hard care raiding etc. A message could be sent to the guild leader or designated officer then via in game mail inquiring for invite to the guild. This would go a long way in preventing alienation for some players especially casual and or timid players. It may also cut down significantly on the lvl 50 channel recruitment spam.

    Keep up the invite a friend weekend codes. This is a great opportunity to showcase your game obviously. I would suggest making it a week though with a level cap of 20 or just allow Freemarch/Silverwood questing.

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