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Thread: Request: An UI subforum and changes on Name Plates/Raid Frame UI

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    Default Request: An UI subforum and changes on Name Plates/Raid Frame UI

    I would like to ask for an subforum to discuss Interface in the game.

    I 'm a healer and would like to tell that we need some interface changes. For exemple:
    Raid frames on 5-men party groups:
    We need an option to show raid frames when in party. Raid frames is better to heal since we can see the health oscilations easier and their small size help on screen placement.
    Focusing your eye on that big party frame usually leads to tunnel vision the entire fight. With raid frames this tunneling won't be so drastic since they are smaller frames and have bigger height on helth bars.

    On/Off option to always show Friendly/enemy name plates on range:
    With the option to always show friendly Name Plates we could keep an eye on the fight and interact more with the fight mechanics. The health bar in name plates for all friends on range would help us to track the necessity of a healing without having to focus our eye just on party or raid frames.
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    Bump !

    Anyone else who think that this is a valid suggestion ?

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    Both good ideas. I am kind of a UI stickler. UI makes the game for me.
    In fact in some games... the UI is a mini game for me.

    The link in my sig goes to a collection of numerous fixes and additions that are needed in the UI.
    Both of your mentioned ideas along with many others.
    Good stuff.

    Let us hope they address some of the UI deficiencies in the near future. I will note that it is one of the better Canned UI's I have encountered.
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