Dear Rift-developers and Rift-players,

There are two interesting /commands in the game (for guild management):
/dumpguild: Writes the Guild Roster to the given XML file.
/dumpraid: Writes the Raid member list to the given XML file.

With similar functionality, I would like to request "/dumpitems", which would create an XML file listing all the items you have in your bags (including bank if it's open).

There are numerous uses for such a command, but here's a specific one:
A friend in the guild has started an artifact-sharing initiative for which she has made a character that keeps all the artifacts. Publishing the list of artifacts would be a lot easier with /dumpitems

I know it's not a high priority thing, but it would be a lovely small addition. It shouldn't be too hard to implement (judging from my experience with XML as a developer). Heck, if the developers would give me access to the required knowledge/code, I'd code the feature myself.