I'm out, for various reasons but here are a few suggestions for Trion.

1. Too many different sourceshards (Vile, Crystal, Ancient etc.) and not enough information or possibilities to gain them UNLESS you are raiding.
2. Blue lesser planar essences are far too hard to gain access to and the grind for 4 of them is too long/much, especially on servers that don't have invasions or expert rifts being run multiple times a day.
3. Time investment at 50 to do anything is too long. You should have paid closer attention to what was going on in the rest of the MMORPG world with regards to dungeon LFD tools, PVP queue's and smaller raid sizes (20 man's are far too large for a game with such low average population, should have stuck with 10 mans).
4. You spent far too much time with River of Souls and should have spent more time dealing with in game issues. Nobody cared about a world event this early in the game. Everyone wants you to fix the game faster. Like you were doing in the final beta and the headstart and the first week or so of release.
5. You should have paid more attention to how PVP / PVE interaction works. You are running into problems that had viable solutions from around Season 6-8 of Arena in WoW. That is that the more burst you give people/mobs the higher the heals have to be, the higher the heals have to be, the harder it will be to ever kill a healer. This is a pretty core lesson to be learned, it wasn't there in Warhammer and it isn't here in Rift either.
6. Playing melee is like pulling teeth. There need to be a lot more visual clues as to what is going on with a mob/player other than staring at their cast bar. Cast animations aren't unique enough and major CD's have the same animations as many other things.
7. You need to seperate Buffs and debuffs. Other players should be able to see my debuffs on a mob (ie. being able to see Soul Sickness and Necrotic Wounds on a mob would give a visual queue for my group to start attacking a mob because I have a threat lead). I should be able to differentiate a debuff from a buff on myself (with 16+ buffs its bloody hard to see a debuff).
8. Oh BTW the mouseover on buffs/debuffs is pretty broken. It only displays for a few milliseconds and has a really crap mouseover box related to it. Usually by the time I've managed to figure out what kind of buff/debuff I got its gone and I still don't know.
9. Character animation feels clunky. Jumping feels robotic. Get better animators. The toons don't feel humanized.
10. Questing is tepid. You don't need to read the text and most quests aren't story worthy. For the most part you don't need to know anything other than where the circle is on your map and if the mouseover on the mob shows that you need it for a quest. This is the same problem I had with Warhammer, questing is an utterly forgettable experience. There's nothing "fun" about it.
11. With #10 I tend to agree that once you hit 50 (and I took a long time to hit 50 I didn't rush it by any means) the game is pretty soul-less. The number of dailies is otherworldly (far far too many, which detracts from the game as it pulls people away from the grouping aspect for at least 3 hours a day).
12. You haven't provided enough information about the high level part of the game and have relied on the community to do so.
13. Lastly, you've provided too many soul combinations, with too many points (66 is way too many points). None of the 51 point talents is all that spectacular for the vast majority of souls. I know this is one of the calling card features of this game, but there is an upper bound on the number of variations you as a company can support. This allows for too many variations and I don't think you have the support or development staff to keep up with the monster you've created. There are reasons certain MMO's have gone the opposite direction and created a more focused talent tree solution, because even with focused trees the variables are still too large to balance between PVE and PVP. In other words, you've bitten off far more than you can chew with this system. Your only choice is to pair it down because with the lack of focus paid to these issues I don't think you have the crew - and in the future the capital to drive a crew - to deal with this mess. The decision to use 66 points was a bad one, because once its in place for this long, its really hard to go back upon.

Best of luck with the game.

I wish there was a way to transfer my account to someone else who has more time to play than me, but it appears it is locked to my email pretty tightly with no options to change that. If anyone has any idea how to overcome something like that please let me know (No I'm not trying to sell my account, I'm just trying to give it away to someone who wants to play 30 hours a week to progress).