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Thread: Suggestion: Global Invasion Alerts!

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    Cool Suggestion: Global Invasion Alerts!

    Is it possible to add a global server alert in chat when an invasion is about to or currently happening in a zone?

    For example: Free March is under attack by the force of <insert element name>

    Not every server got nice people that tells people that an invasion is going on at certain zone.

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    Just FYI there's atleast one other thread about this on this subforum.

    (Trion wants us to minimize repeat postings new threads and advise you search the forum before posting a new one )

    Here are my thoughts about this from it...
    Quote Originally Posted by JugglingFool04 View Post
    I'd support something like this though I feel that there should be a limit of some sort, like you are only notified about zones adjacent to the one you're currently in. That way you're either hearing about zones near your level or so below/above you shouldn't even bother without allowing people to just sit in the cities doing nothing, waiting for a warning, and all porting into the same zone to zerg it and return to the city when it's done.

    Maybe something like "The smell of burning trees blows in from Gloamwood" if there's a Fire invasion starting soon there and you're in Silverwood.:
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