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Thread: Suggestion: Rune management or 'Imbue Effects Collection'

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    Default Suggestion: Rune management or 'Imbue Effects Collection'

    I have 2 'runes' now on my main toon, 'Swirling Rune' and 'Touch of the Shade'. I'm thinking if these will be an ongoing delivery mechanism for cool in-game effects eventually I'll be overwhelmed with runes taking up bank/bag space. So, for convenience in storage and use I propose changing their properties so they may be collected rather than taking up storage space.

    Proposal: Imbue Effects Collection

    Special effects that come as 'runes' should take on the properties of other learnable/collectable items like mounts and companions. Once learnt the item is consumed and appears in the character tab under a category for this purpose Eg. 'Imbue Effects'. When a player wants a particular effect, all they have to do is open 'C'>Imbue Effects tab then click the desired effect. Effects could be dragged from here onto the action bar for frequent use.

    Players will be freed from multiple runes clogging bag/bank space. Won't have to plan ahead which runes they will pack if they feel like changing their look mid-adventure (lol). Effects will be readily available and convenient to use.

    Pack rats make pack to their hearts content!

    [Imbue as in: "You are imbued with the Touch of the Shade effect"; "Your weapon is imbued with the Swirling Rune effect".]

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    Oh wow, just ran across this post. That would be wonderful! I have so many runes taking up space now, it's crazy. I wonder if this could be implemented somehow.

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    Awesome idea!

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