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Thread: No New Player Exclusive Incentives

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    Default No New Player Exclusive Incentives

    Come on Trion, be fair here! I bought your game before it was released. I paid you more because I didn't want to miss content. I'm giving you money every month. I'm wasting like 40 hours most weeks playing it.

    What more do you want?

    Do I not deserve a small boost to my leveling speed?

    To get started on the title. The mere fact it is 'exclusive' to people that 'buy now' puts it up there with hardcore raid achievements. The Law and Rule of achievement and title collections is that no longer attainable = The best.

    I hope people agree with this. Cos for some reason I got a bunch of fan boys telling me I wasn't' entitled to anything when I queried it.

    Yet another 'not for existing players' title/reward.

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    Yeb not nice but well accepted in advertisement land ...
    Its a good way to attract player but it also a good way to PO paying customers ...

    The extra XP buff is not that bad (i my view) but an exclusive title is asking for trouble, best is to keep it out of the achievement list or you will have another riot ....

    Communication ... it could stop so much grief anger and frustration...
    We as paying customers are the life blood of any MMO .

    Keep your friends close but your customers closer ...

    (4 the Grammer Gestapo English is not my native language)
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