1. I realy love the mix - soul system idea, but personly i would have loved to se it that we only have 1 role, becuse i find the system with the 4 roles making the game fare from player needed, with is tha most importen part in a mmorpg.

2. I would have loved to see the mix - soul system not locked to only the base class as worrior/mage/cleric/rouge. But that we were able to mix ower 1 role from all of them.

3. What i dont understand is that we have Warfront " finder " and not have Dungen/instents " finder " in the game. So that i like to see.

4. It would bee nice to have a " noteblock system " for the maps, where i cut put im my own notes for the mape, with like " stickers "

5. Now that its all about makeing new ideas for mmorpgs, then why not make the mobs/npcer at ones level be at same strengh and power as a player in pvp would be it.

6. I like to see a fare more advanced finding ssytem for AH.

7. Or remove the AH and make the merchants around the world as AH for the stuff soldt in that area, that vill allso make the merchants more interesting in the game( All normal merchants in a mmorpg to day are more fill in then miningsfull ).

8. I like to see a system, what you see is what you get. Like if i kill a wolf they drop stuff for like a alc crafter, not a sword.

9. Mage fix: I like to see that there master skills/max dps get a fare longer cooldown. becuse allmost chain nukes will make them unkillable.

10. Rouge fix: Remove there stealh, and make there stuns for ownly evacs. And make the player viwe like a front 145 degess, with no pan camera system.

11. Cleric fix: Give them self heals as hots only, and make the rest of there heals for grp members ownly as they ahve done for the paladin (always).

12. Worrior fix: Make the space in defence / resistens between a shield tank and a 2d handed tank fare bigger. Now that the shield tank allmost have absulutly no dps comperet to the 2handed.