I posted this on the general forum yesterday. I had not seen there was a sub-forum for suggestions. I really want Trion to see this, so I post here again.

Server-time on European servers seems to be UTC. This creates confusion. I think it would be better to change server-time to MET (Middle European Time, also called CET, Central European Time).

1) UTC is theoretical timezone. For science and computers. Human beings don't use UTC.
2) Picking a timezone will always be convenient for some players, but inconvenient for others. However, UTC is not convenient for *anyone*. E.g. in the USA, server times are set to Pacific time. So at least part of the player base sees server-time as the same their local time. In Europe, nobody has that benefit.
3) UTC does not take Daylights Saving Time adjustments into consideration. That means you need to re-adjust twice a year. Nowadays all EU countries use the same rules for DST, so if server-time would follow MET, then all countries would be in sync with DST changes.
4) The servers are in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). NL uses MET. It would be less suprising/confusing if the servers were just using Amsterdam's time (MET).
5) Trion mimics the UI and many features from WoW. I like that. It makes things obvious and clear from the start. In WoW, server-times are set to MET. I don't see any reason why Rift shouldn't do the same.
6). The large majority of European players live in MET timezones. Setting server-time to MET would suit 80% of your customers (wild guess).
7). France and Germany both live in MET. Other countries were people speak french and german (Austria, Switzerland, etc) also live in MET. Yet French and German servers have UTC as server time too. I really don't see the benefit there.

Thanks in advance.