Presumably, the API isn't exactly done, but...

A whole lot of things appear to suggest that Trion intends to provide an addon API. Some people insist that this isn't the case, and are very upset at the notion that there would be one.

Let us know. I know some people will leave if there's no addon support (because the base UI is just too limited in a number of ways), and others will leave if there is. So... How about letting us know sooner, rather than later, so we don't put a lot of time in, get attached, and then feel like we got shafted? Give us some ideas of the kinds of things you do, or don't, intend to allow player-written addons to do, and when you think this might be available, if ever.

Me, I'll stay either way, I just won't use the AH much in the absence of decent tools.