I don't know if other servers are having the same problem, but on Wolfsbane, the 1-9 chat is pretty dead due to the plat sellers. Sure you can report spam on them, but within the span of 3 minutes I saw 8 different names selling plat. They are obviously just deleting the chars and making new ones over and over again to advertise.

So my idea is this:

1. Rename 1-9 to Global chat (or Social, or something similar).

2. All players of any level can join this channel.

3. Only players of Level 10? (or higher?) can send to the channel, but all can receive.

4. Have a "HELP" or "Ask a question" button for new players under level 10.

What you do with the Help or Ask a question is more complex. Do you just have another chat channel for that? If so, it won't solve the problem most likely. You could try something like what Atlantica Online did:

A player asking a question has their question sent to a random level 50. If that 50 wants to answer, the low level player can say if it answered their question. If so, that 50 gets a small reward. If the 50 doesn't answer, or the answer isn't sufficient, the question goes to another random level 50 player.

The plat-sellers couldn't use the ask a question system, as it would not advertise to enough people.

Forcing them to get to level 10 to advertise (most likely just once) would also hopefully discourage the advertising.

Thoughts? Suggestions?