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Thread: lvl 20 Dungeon quests should work with experts

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    Default lvl 20 Dungeon quests should work with experts

    I have a lvl 20 dungeon quest that I have not completed and I was hoping I would not need to go back and do a normal dungeon but when I do an expert it doesnt work with the quest. It would be nice if this actually worked so its not a waste of time.

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    well guess what? since youre an expert now, you probably would have cleared that lv20 instance faster that it took you to write this message :-)

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    I do think they should at least have the EPIC story line quests work in the expert version. As much as I know I could steam roll non-expert IT at this point, having the quest completeable in xIT makes more sense from a challeneg/ game play stand point.

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