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    Welcome to the RIFT Suggestions Forum!

    We wanted to take a moment to explain what the Suggestions Forum is for, and what you can expect. The Suggestions Forum is a place for the RIFT Community to post suggestions and ideas for RIFT (in-game, community, website, forums, etc.). We love reading our community's suggestions and ideas, but please understand that posting your idea or suggestion here does not necessarily mean they will be implemented in RIFT. Also, please be respectful and considerate of ideas posted by others; not all ideas and suggestions will be stellar, and that's okay. Everyone has a right to post their ideas and suggestions for RIFT here.

    Th Suggestions Forum is not for feedback or "Please fix X, Y, and Z" threads. If you feel that something in RIFT is broken, bugged, or imbalanced, this is not the right forum area to post about it. Feedback threads should still be posted in General Discussion or their respective forum (Classes of Telara, Dungeons & Raids, etc.).

    We understand that sometimes people will make mistakes and post things in the wrong area of the forums, but please note that the RIFT Community Team will move any threads that we feel do not belong in the Suggestions Forum.

    Thank you, and as always feel free to send a message to any of the RIFT Moderators if you have any questions about what should be posted here.
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