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Thread: Fix Saga of the Endless: Assist Rahn's Legions!!!

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    Exclamation Fix Saga of the Endless: Assist Rahn's Legions!!!

    I should have had this done by now. Now I am still trying to get the kills I need in Rifts because no matter how much you contribute, you do not get credit for the quest unless you are in the raid that gets credit for tagging the boss. In large rifts and events, this is a total crap shoot. Now here I am at 22 still working on this quest and getting gold contribution for most rifts, but still not getting credit for the quest.

    As it stands right now, one person, or a small party set to private can get lucky with the tag and 20+ other people wont get any kill credit for the bonus boss on this quest. Should be an easy fix. If you got contribution points during the boss fight, you get credit for the quest. Simple.
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    Agree 100%. I'm also stuck on this leg of the overlapping Epic Story quest and have killed my last two quest mobs no less than 3 times easch (one of them 4), but because I've never won the Mob Tag Lottery, I can't continue this quest or finish the Freemarch leg of the Endless quest.

    I'd even go so far as to say you have ot get Gold Contribution to get credit, but between Rift Chasing for hours just to find the mob, AND having to get a lucky tag it's beyong frustrating.

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