I'm not here to complain, just wondering, with a 1500 person 8+ hour que, should I move with my friends to a new server? I've never been part of a launch before so I'm a bit afraid of leaving my overpopulated server, rolling on a new one, then a month later I log in and the new server is barren and empty. I don't understand how the servers work, I've read some people say that they will let more people in as they spread out through the world, is this true? Will the que lines /wait times get shorter as time goes on or will these ques be the norm for a while? Should I stick it out or move on?

Of course this is all assuming that there are shorter ques on other servers. At this point I'm not going to back out of my que now to check. I know earlier in the day there was a server with an 80 something person que, not sure if there still are any like that.