first off all. i GREATLY enjoyed the beta so no complaints here.
but there are 2 things bothering me. well not really bothering but u get the idea.
first off all: since i didnt get a soul to 31points or even 51 i cant be sure but, so far all warriors look the same. cleric:same (except weapon then). mage: same.
what im wondering is: will there ever be a visual difference between souls.
like if we look at main site and go to classes there are some real nice screenshots for each soul.
but so far all callings looked same. so i was thinking that maybe once u get 31 points in for example Void Knight the armor u wear would change to appearance of a void knight. but i saw some lvl 42s running around and still all looking the same. i could be wrong thou. but i think it would be nice if there was a visual difference between souls (among its own Calling). anyone knows if theres actually a visual diff later on or?
if not i think it would be nice if devs could do something with this. like 31 points in a soul/ soul with most points in it --> armor takes the looks of that calling. would be pretty neat

a second thing is a lill something bout UI layout.
theres one thing that should be added imo
we can move location of buffs. problem there (for me) is that pacts go to buff bar. attack points go to either under the char window and under hp bar of char. forgott what justicar had but the thingies went into buff bar aswell.
think it would be nice if those pacts/combopoints/... had their own buff bar that could be placed where ever u like. that way people dont have to look at corner of screen all the time to check how many pacts or w/e they got.
now some people might say move buff bar to below char or around it. but all buffs in middle of screen would be annoying imo
so maybe a bar for pacts/attackpoints/... only?

Dunno what everyone else thinks bout this?

well that are the 2 things that "have been bothering me" while playing beta. But again: i really enjoyed the beta so far!!! keep up the good work