Got my VIP key today through this. Each day they will post a picture on their Facebook page wall, you then have to comment on the pic with the class shown in the pic and your MMOSITE forum name (make sure you register beforehand!); the first 10 correct answers will get a key. It doesn't seem like there is a set schedule for when they post the pic; however, it seems they do it around the start of the hour (for example, 8:55-9:05). You have to be VERY quick with your comment. Here's how I did it:

1. Register an MMOSITE forum account.
2. Log into your Facebook account (real or dummy account, it doesn't matter) and go to the MMOSITE page (linked in the link above).
3. Click on "Wall" and keep refreshing until you see the post (scroll down the wall and find an old post to see what it looks like). I started about 5-6 mins before the hour and kept going until about 10 mins after the hour. On weekdays, it will probably be in the evening time.
4. When you see the post, comment ASAP. The 10 answer limit can be reached within a minute or two, so be quick! Chances are someone already beat you with a comment, so if you're worried about knowing the answer, just copy their's, it's most likely right. Don't forget to include your MMOSITE forum name! The key will be PM'd to your MMOSITE account.

Not sure how much longer this event will last, so I'd recommend you try this as soon as you can. I got my key Mon. 9ish EST, so check this out for Tue. evening.