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Thread: MMOBomb - "Riftís 7-Day Free Patron Trial Disappears From Steam"

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    Default MMOBomb - "Riftís 7-Day Free Patron Trial Disappears From Steam"

    The title says it all. MMOBomb.com reports that Steam is no longer offering a Rift free patron trial.


    The reporter ponders that this is just another thing "telegraphing the slow demise of Rift."

    While I was thinking about Steam I checked the Steam charts for Rift to see a slow but steady decline going back years. Recent peaks on Steam were 341 players, down from 468 last August. Maybe some of that decline was pandemic related though. The pre-pandemic peak in August 2019 was only 384. Gamigo financial reports have noted how the pandemic was a boost to their games.


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    Well…Gamigo does nothing to sponsor/support Rift so why should steam?

    I dodnt need to look at steam charts to realize I can only play pvp now in a very narrow timeframe and barely enough players to fill a warfront.

    My takeaway: If Covid didnt lock people down and boost the playerbase Rift would be shut down by now.

    Too bad New World combat sucks. Im hoping they fix it, but I doubt it. Ashes of Creation is too far off.

    Edit: After reading the article it actually sounds pretty dire and foreshadowing. This removal was at the request of Gamigo, so they actively requested to remove advertisement for the game. Unless this was costing them money to do so (doubt it) the only reason I can come up with is plans to shut the game down in the near future. We all know they werent too hopping to fix the cash shop issues.
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    Just last week they had Twitch drops active for Trove, so they are willing to promote games, just not Rift. It was a fun ride for the most part.

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