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Thread: What server for ~5 new players?

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    Default What server for ~5 new players?

    Hello everyone,

    we want to give this game a try, we are from EU and we want a popular and healthy server.
    Does not matter which region it is!

    What do you guys recommend?

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    Bloodiron is PvP but mostly dead. Brisesol is French, Brutwacht is German. Everybody else goes on Typhiria. You can pick whichever you want and if you get it wrong you can transfer your characters for free once a week.

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    No server is popular or healthy, but the game isn't totally dead either.

    I can't speak to the EU servers, but the NA servers have historically been better populated than the EU ones, and Deepwood on NA seems to have a decent (but not great) population. If you find too few for your taste on Typhiria, check out Deepwood. Note that you'll obviously have some lag (but that exists anyway, since Gamigo took over) and you won't be able to transfer any characters from EU to NA.

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