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Thread: I dc after the tutorial and now i can not log back in again

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    Default I dc after the tutorial and now i can not log back in again

    So i kind of got the idea to check the game out again and since it was so long ago i actually played it i thought hmm i should make a new character and just poke around a bit.
    And so it happens. I go through the tutorial all is fine, i am all nostalgic (yes i know the state of the game i can still be nostalgic of what was back when it was amazing) and then i move out of the tutorial and in to the game world talk to the npc get my first quest done and she then ask me do i want to watch a tutorial about the skill tree, so i think sure why not it was a while i could refresh my mind. I watch and then i dc.

    Oh well it happens i guess, i log back in and now i can not get back in to the game at all, it is just stuck on loading screen. I then remember oh right, this game have to take server off for maintainance work (i play GW2 and servers never go offline during maintainance work) anyway i start to look around to see if i can find info if there is such thing but there is nothing about maintainance, so i go back to log in again and try about 5 times and then i give up and come here to ask if i missed some info or if the servers are wonky, or what am i doing wrong? Why can i not play the game?

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    There's a few issues with the servers at the moment, some people can connect fine and some can't, and it changes up every so often. They have acknowledged the issue and are apparently working on it, not ETA on a fix though.
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    Seems like you may need to repair your game
    Open up glyph, right click rift on the left side menu of games and hit repair.
    I hope this helps!

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