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Thread: What items give a permanent XP bonus?

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    Default What items give a permanent XP bonus?

    Today I casually discovered the "Frontrunner's Hoop" in the RIFT Store, which give you 10% xp boost when you equip two of them. Are there any other items in the RIFT store that also give a permanent XP boost?

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    Loyalty. If you purchase the right "power" packs when they are available, i.e. the ones that include two million Loyalty - usually $30-$35 each, you can unlock each tier of Loyalty and get permanent boosts to XP, currencies, runspeed, mount speed, favor, etc.. These benefits apply to ALL characters on your account regardless of region, both existing and all new ones you might create, and Patron is not needed.

    I think there might be other items that give an XP boost that drop at random in the game although I haven't seen any myself in a few years.

    I hope this helped.
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