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    What they aren't doing is wooing old player that have left. I accidentally pressed and old book mark and downloaded the game again.

    However i can't say i heard/seen any announcement of new expansion or anything of that nature. Sweetheart deals or whatever.

    A massive promotion blitz to older players/emails would/could be a starting point of drumming up interest.
    If that DID happen, i haven't seen it.

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    Let's face it, simply giving ANY real news regarding the future direction of RIFT would help start the cause. The reason we have all the speculation, armchair CEO's, suggestions, and everything else.... EVERY SINGLE day.... is because everyone is left to speculate and relate experiences to the ones they had in the past. This does absolutely nothing but make people sound annoying after they said the exact same thing 500 times, mainly because the outspoken are almost ALWAYS the Naysayers. Seriously... I'm not trying to offend anyone but I have to read every day from someone who has absolutely zero bearing on the topic how it "will" be or "may" be or how they "think" it will be. After a year... and frankly at least another before that, it gets old.

    Then, the fact there hasn't been any new information regarding forward direction for a year just leaves the intelligent ones to think most of these people are correct about the future. Let's be real... if ANYTHING from this thread were in the works would it not seriously benefit the game to actually tell people it's coming or being worked on? The fact that hasn't been done speaks volumes.

    So, we all just enjoy what is keeping the game alive....

    Dimensions (Very unique)
    PVP (Call it broken but it's still a lot of fun)
    New Players (This will happen simply because of what Gamigo is and offers)

    ....until one day we find out the truth, the truth that we always hope will be told now and never comes.

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