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Thread: Where to level in the 60's?

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    Default Where to level in the 60's?

    Hail and well met, folks.

    Another returning player here. My Cleric is Lv 60 and part of why I bailed is that the only place to level was that... to me... hideous water zone.

    Is this still the only place to level from 60 to... whatever level gets me out of here? I absolutely detest this area.

    Are there new areas nowadays?

    Thanks for any insight you may have.

    Take care,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daruma View Post
    Thanks for any insight you may have.
    You CAN use Instant/Intrepid Adventures to level up without going to the Plane of Water. It will be SLOW and BORING, but you CAN. I would go PoW, because the grind is going to be horrible if you do the same thing over and over again.

    65 is the requirement to begin doing stuff in Celestial Lands. They are the new lands that leads up to max level 70 and the endgame.

    Prepare to die a lot until you get your level 65+ gear upgrades. Prepare to grind a lot to get your Eternal weapon up at level 70. And prepare to meet a small playerbase even at max level.
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    You can always sidekick

    scroll down for Sidekicking - which makes annoying areas a walk in the park

    You can also spam Instant Adventures. (which isn't that fast on 60)

    Unfortunately, the Planes of Water are ment for 60-65

    //dang you're fast Ambrodel
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